Blue Print Drafting are proud of their diversity in building design. We do not offer standard designs, but rather individual designs for every site as we believe that every property is unique and must be treated accordingly.

Our design focus is on the utilization of space. Blue Print Drafting cleverly maximizes space with correct proportions so every part of the design is distributed perfectly for each required use. While we design for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial uses, we are proud to re-launch our custom home design service.

At Blue Print Drafting, we believe that the “Pen is mightier than the Sword” and if you get the design and specifications right, the price of your design services will be where you want it too. As we design every property individually, from traditional to contemporary, we will not limit you on your planned use of construction and interior materials, colour choice or landscaping.

As our world is ever-changing, we are very conscious of having a green focus and minimizing the carbon footprints in our designs. We encourage our clients to incorporate Passive Solar design, and Sustainability should be considered in the context of the life cycle of the project.

The point of difference is we cleverly keep the structure simple to reduce construction costs without compromising on design.